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We believe a board member or a member of the executive team must drive the formation of strategic leadership teams that help the organization address economically-induced business challenges, as well as be the team's sponsor.  To be successful this individual must clearly understand the team's stakeholders and their expectations of the leadership team.  This information will be the core of the team's charter which clearly defines what is expected of the team and it's leader. 
The leadership team's sponsor must engage the team's leader in a process that insures the leader understands:
  • the stakeholders' expectations,
  • the goals the leadership team must achieve,
  • the resources that are being made available to the leadership team, and
  • the processes the ledership team will follow in communicating their progress to the supportive sponsor and stakeholders.
The model depicted in the chart above outlines many of the steps that a new leadership team should follow upon formation.  When executed fully, the leadership team members will have established a solid understanding of each others capabilities, operating style, and commitment interrelationships necessary to achieve their goals. 
Our mission and purpose is to help executive team sponsors and their leadership team leaders deliver sustainable results.
Team Formation - This is the most critical time in the team's lifecycle.  It is in this phase that team organization and alignment needs must be carefully considered to improve the team's chances for success.  We have routinely identified a lack of true team focus, commitments and accountability as leading contributors to leadership team failure.
Assessing Critical Success Factors - We have identified the <critical success factors> that contribute the most to leadership team success.  These CSF's form the basis of processes that leadership teams must embrace and follow. 
Leadership Team Development - Well formed team processes enable the leadership team to develop the openness and mutual trust essential for collaborative teamwork.  This teamwork is the essential element that delivers clear definition of key strategies, the rapid development of action plans, and the individual commitments which leverage the combined talent of the leadership team to execute and achieve the team's goals. 
Accelerating Team Progress - We have developed enablers that help a leadership team achieve considerable progress in reaching their goals.  We work closely with the team leader to deploy these enablers to implement the discipline and processes that drive a culture of personal accountability.

In most of our client assignments, we are retained by a team sponsor to work with them and the leaders of the teams they sponsor.  Please follow the links below for discussions regarding the roles and responsibilities we expect of the sponsors and team leaders we work with.

Supportive Sponsor

Team Leader

We are prepared to help and support those board members and executives who must form executive and leadership teams to deliver the results their stakeholders expect. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us by email or by phone to discuss your team and leadership team situation.  We welcome the opportunity to listen and share our thoughts based on many years of leading and working with executive and leadership teams in a wide range of client organizations.

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