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For more than 40 years Tom Samson, our founder, has been deeply immersed in the application of computer technologies to the world of commerce and business leadership.  His clients have included many of the luminaries who have led the development and growth of key technologies. 
From his vantage point, Tom has studied and gained in-depth knowledge of how new technologies drive change that disrupts and tranforms businesses, industries and economies.  He knows from first hand experiences how the failure of executive leaders to recognize the impact of emerging technologies on their customers, employees and company leads to failed enterprises.  And he knows the steps to take to introduce new technologies that create the competitive advantage that results in the sustainable results expected by stakeholders.
Tom recommends several resources for those who seek to understand what is shaping our world today as rapid adoption of new technologies drives enormous sea changes on nearly every aspect of our personal and business lives. 
If you are a reader, grab the book "Jump Point" <click here to learn more> or download it to your electronic reader.  It will put in perspective the impact of global communications.
If you like videos, look at the following to be amazed at how fast change is happening.
And then take a look at the following to understand what is happening to the changing nature of human capital  . . . . . .