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From time to time we come across examples of teamwork that we believe will inspire others to focus on what can occur when a team develops the focus, practices and commitments that are necessary to achieve outstanding results.  The following is such an example.

The Brazilian Music Institute featured the Duo Siqueira Lima - Fernando (Brazil) and Ceclia (Uruguay) at the University of Florida in 2009. In this video Fernando and Cecilia created an original and unique process of hand exchange by re-arranging the famous Brazilian song Tico Tico no Fuba by the Brazilian composer Zequinha de Abreu (1880-1935)

You will be mesmerized by the way these two artists simultaneously use one guitar with perfection to produce such great music.  As you watch the video, consider the amount of practice these two must have done to allow them to flawlessly perform this piece.  Their focus and commitment should be an inspiration for other teams faced with delivering critical presentations to a board or key audience.

  • Will your team presentation be made with flawless execution by each member of the presentation team?
  • Will your hand-offs to each member of the presentation team be seamless?
  • Will your use of visual aids be smooth and supportive to the message delivered or the commitment sought?
  • Will each member of the presentation team practice their part until they can deliver it flawlessly?
  • Will the team practice together until the presentation can be delivered with the professionalism demonstrated by the musicians in this video?

 Click Here to view the video on YouTube