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We begin each leadership team program with a series of assessments to determine the behavioral and values profile of the teams in the program.  This is accomplished by having each member of the subject teams complete an on-line behavioral assessment and an on-line values assessment.  We provide each member of the team a copy of individually prepared reports that detail their assessments.  We meet with the participants of the program and answer any questions they may have regarding the information detailed in their reports.

Values Profile
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Behavioral Profile
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Profiles of the team's behavioral characteristics and values are then developed from the individual team member profiles.  This allows us to accurately predict the dynamics of teamwork that the leadership team will likely encounter as they work towards accomplishing their goals.  This information is presented in workshop sessions that focus on the opportunities and challenges facing the team.  Action plans are then developed, where appropriate, to address and overcome any teamwork issues that have surfaced or will likely emerge.