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A Leadership Fable

When we discovered this easy to read book we found that it fit like a glove the results of our own research and experiences with management teams over a period of more than two decades and we quickly adopted it as required reading by the teams we work with.
We use this book as a major text in our "Dynamic Team Leadership" program. and we also used this book as the major text book for a "Managing Teams" course we developed and presented in the summer session of 2003 to the Professional MBA candidates at the SMU Cox School of Business.  It was our pleasure to have Patrick Lencioni join our final session of the class as each of the class teams presented the results of their team projects to identify and address examples of dysfunctional teamwork from their work worlds.  His obervations and comments added significantly to the teamwork experiences of the forty-nine class members.
We recommend this book as required reading for the leaders or member of any team seeking to deliver expected results.