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We partner with the leaders of executive and management teams to bring them processes, tools, and in-depth executive experience in support of the acitivities these team leaders must carry out to build and maintain a team-based culture.

When the book "The Five Dysfunctions of a Team" by Patrick Lencioni was published in 2002, we found that it tied in nicely and supported the
ten critical success factors of powerful teamwork we had identified as critical for successful teamwork in an organization. As a result, we have embraced this book and use it extensively in our work with executive teams.

We welcome all inquiries about the work of teams, the methodologies we follow, and the tools we use. Please visit our "Contact Us" page for contact information or to send us an EMail.

SMU MBA Program Support

Teamwork Dyanamics, Inc. has provided extensive assistance to the MBA program at the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University. As a member of the school's Associate Board since the mid-1980's, our founder, Mr. Tom Samson, has mentored several dozens of MBA candidates as they have emerged into the world of business.

During the past several years he has also consulted with the MBA office and the Career Management Center on teamwork matters. He developed and lead a course on "Managing Teams" for a class of Professional MBAs in the summer of 2003 which focused on the “Ten Critical Success Factors” of teams.

His work with the SMU MBA program lead him to a project in mid-2003 to assist the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota in the examination and development of several strategic initiatives for their MBA program.

Our Early Years

Our firm was orginally formed in the middle 1980's under the name Technology Exchange Networks, Inc. to reflect our focus on helping client organizations take advantage of the rapidly evolving world of computer technology. Our assignments included providing the outsourced management of information systems of several companies including Dallas based Tuesday Morning.

As we moved into the 1990's our focus began to shift to the support of executive management teams and included assignments to provide executive leadership to companies such as Distribution Data Management Systems (DDMS). This company provided information system support services to more than 1,200 independently owned office products dealerships throughout the United States.

Our firm also assisted ProStaff, a national staffing firm, in the development of a strategic initiative to enter the information staffing business. Our assignment included the startup of their IT staffing division.

Our Transformation To Teamwork Consulting

Throughout the 1990's we worked with many small, medium, and large companies assisting their senior management teams define and take on major goals for their organizations. We participated in the explosion of the Internet by assisting the executive leaders of several companies in the development of strategies to dramatically change their organizations by leveraging the communications techniques made possible by the Internet.

It was in the early 1990's that we began to document and develop a common methodology that could be used to rapidly form management teams charged with the responsibility of delivering bottom line results. We built on the processes and techniques Mr. Samson had followed for more than two decades as he assembled and lead professional service project teams at Arthur Young & Co.

We enhanced the processes we documented by selecting, developing, and using several computer-based tools in our work with client teams we were assisting.
As our focus shifted to working more with executive teams in the Internet space, we renamed our firm WeCoachTeams.com, Inc. to reflect our new focus.

Our work with the Internet lead us to conclude that an Internet-based system could be developed to support the management of team member commitments and drive personal accountability to achieve team results.

Teamwork Dynamics, Inc.

In early 2001, we formed a new company named Teamwork Dynamics, Inc. to continue our consulting efforts and to launch the development of an Internet-based accountability tracking system. A partner who joined us at that time focused on the development of the system, which we named the "Accountability Tracking Module", (ATM System) while we continued to develop our teamwork methodologies.

The ATM System was introduced in early 2001 and we began integrating its use into our team consulting work.
When the tragedy of 9-11 struck, our firm, like other consulting firms at the time, felt the economic impact and we began to explore other uses of the ATM System we had developed.

We soon found that the Sarbanes-Oxley Act had created a need for more accountability and the need to document and keep track of commitments focused on improving internal controls as now required by the law. 
Our partner, who had lead the developers in the creation of the ATM System, focused his efforts on the development of Sarbanes-Oxley support tools while we continued to pursue the development of teamwork methodologies and tools.

Virtual Commitment, Inc.

In early 2002 the ATM System was renamed the Virutal Commitment System and Teamwork Dynamics, Inc. was renamed Virtual Commitment, Inc. as part of a marketing initiative to strengthen the positioning of the system with large accounting firms. Throughout 2002 the Virtual Commitment System was adapted to fill many of the unique requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and related regulations.

The Re-emergence of Teamwork Dynamics, Inc.

In early 2003 the decision was made to turn Virtual Commitment into a "software-only" firm that would focus on supporting those who must comply with the new laws and regulations covering corporate governance.

At the same time the decision was made to move all teamwork consulting work to a separate firm. In mid-2003 WeCoachTeams.com, Inc. was renamed Teamwork Dynamics, Inc. and all teamwork consulting was moved to this entity which continues to provide executive consultation focused on the development and growth of senior management teams.