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The Illustrated Companion to Jack Aubrey's World

The daring feats of 19th century naval officer Jack Aubrey and his surgeon colleague, Stephen Maturin, have thrilled readers around the globe since the 1969 publication of Master and Commander, the first in Patrick O'Brian's best selling series of novels.  The books the New York Times called "the best historical fiction series ever written" are so richly textured and well-researched that it is easy to miss subtle details or fascinating historical facts in the process of following the thrilling adventures of Aubrey and his crew.  Now, with this comprehensive and lavishly illustrated companion to the series and the movie "Master and Commander", one can fully understand the naval history of Napoleonic times and what it was like serve on board a warship in the age of fighting sail.
We recommend this book as required reading for any team leader who desires to be inspired to do the right thing at the right time for the right reason.
We also highly recommend this movie as a must see for management team leaders.  There is much to be gained from studying the hisory of the "tall ships" that opened our world to global commerce in the 1700's and 1800's.  Each ship that set out onto the sea is like a company that is launched into the ocean of commerce.  The role of each ship, the structure of the crews, the management processes employed, and the way the crews performed are powerful models for current day business team leaders. 

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